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Posted on Dec 26, 2013

We all know the Penthouse Pet ‘look’ is something every woman admires and all men dream about… it is hot, sexy, and luckily it’s available at a price to men who can afford sexy sydney escortit. There are plenty of escorts in Sydney who look like the sexy Penthouse Pet of your fantasies and we definitely understand the appeal… however, these girls also come with a price tag to match. It’s important not to forget that a natural looking girl can give you exactly the same service as a Barbie doll with fake boobs, lips and tan!

So, gentlemen, we would ask you to consider making your next escort booking with one of the more natural girls in Sydney! Not every girl has the personality or ability to carry off the Penthouse Pet ‘look’, but this doesn’t mean they won’t satisfy you. At the end of the day, every woman has the same body parts designed to tease and please a man. Whether you book with a pornstar look-alike charging $1000 per hour, or a natural girl for $400 per hour, you will be sexually gratified either way… so why spend unnecessary money?

Paying $400 per hour compared to $1000 per hour can mean subtle differences, like short blonde hair versus long flowing wavy blonde hair, B cup breasts instead of silicone D cup breasts, size 10 versus size 8, and pale skin instead of spray tanned skin. At the end of the day the result will be the same: you will get your rocks off with a good-looking woman.

The other thing to consider is that Barbie looks often come with Barbie attitudes to match. In contrast, the natural girls at Sydney Escorts are friendly, relaxed and open-minded, and genuinely want to show you a good time.

If you’re not yet convinced, just think of all the fun you can have with the money you will save! We think Sydney Escort’s legendary two-girl experience where you have double the fun and double the boobies is a great option. With the loot you are saving from choosing the more affordable natural girl over the $1000 per hour Penthouse Pet, you can treat yourself to two of everything!  Having sex with two gorgeous naked women at once is the ultimate male fantasy, and definitely something to tick off your bucket list… so why not come and give it a try at Sydney Escorts? We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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