Do Escorts Prefer Wealthy Clients?

Posted on Nov 24, 2013

The question of what makes a good client comes up in conversation quite a lot at Sydney Select Escorts. Most people think that high class escorts would prefer rich men, (especially in an image-obsessed city like Sydney) but this is not true at all.

At Sydney Select Escorts, we believe it’s not the size of your salary that counts, it’s the size of your… heart! This may sound cheesy but it’s true. Our Sydney escorts would farWealthy escort Client in business suit prefer to spend time with a man who is decent, respectful, polite, and friendly, than a millionaire with a sense of entitlement.

Being wealthy does not automatically mean you have a good character – in fact, we find the opposite is often true. Some rich men seem to think that if they flash their cash around, their high class escort will go beyond her comfort zone and provide services she has already said are unavailable. Even worse, they may try to force or compromise her dignity.

This sort of arrogance is extremely unappealing to any woman, and high class escorts are no different. At Sydney Select Escorts, we have a very low tolerance for this sort of chauvinistic behaviour. Being respectful is definitely the way to go – if your lady feels relaxed and comfortable around you, we guarantee she will give you a more pleasurable experience!

Another common misconception is that wealthy men are more generous. While most high class escorts enjoy receiving tips and gifts (what girl doesn’t welcome a bottle of her favourite perfume or some fine lingerie?) this does not mean that they prefer rich clients… because rich men are not always the most generous. We sometimes get clients who are decked out with the finest Zegna suits, Rolexes and Ferraris, yet still haggle over the price of their escort booking.

On the other hand, some of the most generous men are not wealthy at all. They might be generous in terms of gifts and tips, or generous lovers who give their Sydney escort incredible sexual pleasure. Over many years in the industry we have learnt that you can never judge by appearances. Just because a man looks a little rough around the edges, does not mean he will be a bad client – just as a man dressed in sharp suits will not necessarily be a good client.

Unfortunately some high class escorts in Sydney do judge by appearances. These are usually the shallow, Barbie-type girls who charge exorbitantly high prices. They are only interested in wealthy clients and can be quite cruel about more humble men. However, at Sydney Select Escorts, we pride ourselves on offering a different type of girl. The Select girl is natural, friendly and gorgeous in every way. She won’t judge you on your appearance or how much money you make – but she will judge you on the way you treat her. Being a gentleman is the key to being a good client.


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